Below are two types of Highlights Films:

Package 1 Highlights are set to music only


Package 2 Highlights include live audio from the day.


Sophie & Logan - Ravensthorpe - South Coast Wedding Video

This was one of the best weddings I was lucky enough to film. Sophie & Logan just had fun and enjoyed every moment of their wedding day with their dearest family and friends. One of my previous brides was in the bridal party and the amazing Leah from Leah Mitchel Floral who also did the floral design.

Lucy & Cody - Novotel Northbeach Wollongong - Wollongong Wedding Video

Lucy & Cody's friends and family all traveled to celebrate their wedding day. So many tears of sadness, happiness and joy. A beautiful promised made by Cody to Lucy's daughter with a bridal waltz with Lucy's sisters.

Lauren & Jack - Ruby’s - Wollongong Wedding Video

Lauren & Jack's wedding was a lot of fun. They had the coolest bridal party. I loved seeing Jack's reaction. It was such a lovely day.

Felecia & Matt - Villa D’oro - Wollongong Wedding Video

I was lucky enough to film Felecia sister's wedding so it was such a treat to be able to be part of Felecia & Matt's big day. They are the most chilled out couple ever. Reception was held at Villa D'oro and it was amazing from food, styling and the family atmosphere.

Isabel & Patrick - Bendooley Estate - Southern Highlands Wedding Video

Isabel & Patrick's wedding was perfect with a heartfelt outdoor ceremony. Patrick suprised Isabel by keeping me till the end which was awesome as there was killer dance moves and a magical sparkler exit.

Krystal & Ian - The Sebel Harbourside - South Coast Wedding Video

Krystal & Ian got in contact with me literally at the last minute. I was glad I was part of their day as they both couldn't stop laughing and smiling all day long. They were so awesome on the location shoot and up for anything.

Jessica & Christian - Gibraltar Hotel Bowral - Southern Highlands Wedding Video

Being part of Jessica & Christian's wedding day was so much fun. The venue had the best indoor ceremony back up plans I have ever seen. Friends and family danced all night long.

Alyssa & Michael - Sandon Point SLSC - Wollongong Wedding Video

Alyssa & Michael are such a fun loving couple. Their reception was decked out with lollipops, they had wood fire pizza and everybody dance all night.

Ali & Damien - Milton Park - Bowral Wedding Video

Even though it rained, this didn't make a difference in the amount of fun, good laughs Ali & Damien had with their family and friends. The speeches were amazing too.

Anita & Brad - Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat - Southern Highlands Wedding Video

Anita & Brad's wedding was full of laughter, happy tears and many more happy tears. I previously filmed Brad's sisters and Anita's brothers wedding and this was so cool to see familiar faces. It was such a great day, actually a perfect day!

Brooke & Glen - City Beach - Wollongong Wedding Video

So much true emotions throughout the day, I was so happy for these two beautiful humans who celebrated a new chapter of life as husband and wife.

Corrina & Jamie - Novotel Wollongong Northbeach - South Coast Wedding Video

Corrina & Jamie are lovely people who shared their day with loved ones and closest friends. I could see how happy they both were when they both said I do by the coolest marriage celebrant ever. With a perfect backdrop on the Deck at the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach followed by a amazing night under the stars.

Amy & Joe - Jamberoo Resort - South Coast Wedding Video

Amy & Joe are the coolest couple I know, why? Because they were themselves. They did things their way and just had a great day. How cool is that dance floor?

Elyse & Cameron - The Woolshed - South Coast Wedding Video

What a lovely day it was for Elyse & Cameron. Surrounded by the coolest bridal party who busted some epic moves during their entrance.

Elise & Peter- Ravensthorpe - South Coast Wedding Video

Such a great couple who also did an amazing bridal waltz, witnessed by their friends and family.

Margaret & Chris - The Fraternity Club - South Coast Wedding Video

Margaret & Chris are such a lovely couple, they even brought me a bottle of cognac before the wedding. They put so much hard work into their wedding to ensure everyone had a great time, even the kiddies who got a jumping castle. The bridal party are hilarious which made my job so much more fun. The speeches where heartfelt and the cultural dancing with the live band made it an awesome night.

Paige & Ethan - The Grange - South Coast Wedding Video

Paige & Ethan relocated their wedding ceremony due to the weather. The back up plan at The Grange was still perfect. I could see how proud and so much love Paige's dad had for her as yes there was a few tears. An amazing night filled with laughter and tears followed by everybody on the dance floor celebrating the love in the room.

Saige & Matthew - willow Farm Berry - South Coast Wedding Video

A gorgeous venue with beautiful people attended the wedding of Saige & Matthew. The ceremony was emotional and I could feel the love between the two and their daughter. Speeches were heartfelt and a perfect way to sum of the days events and their love story.

Melanda & Robert - Mecure Gerringong Resort - South Coast Wedding Video

I had a lot of fun filming this awesome wedding. I could tell how much Melanda & Robert loved each other as there was no need to hold back tears when you love someone that much. Their kids were so cute too.

Emma & Brendan - The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant - South Coast Wedding Video

Emma & Brendan love story was reference to the movie, "Top Gun" It was so much fun starting with a prank about a missing celebrant which Brendan's groomen's married the lovely couple at the Botanical Gardens Wollongong. Followed by heartfelt speeches, fun games, endless amounts of seafood and cool dance moves by the kids.

Kelly & Lonetona - Crooked River winery - South Coast Wedding Video

Two loving people surrounded by their closest and dearest. A gorgeous setting at Crooked River Winery with at chilled atmosphere.

Chloe & Mat - Southern Highlands Wedding Video

Chloe and Mat had a small intimate wedding surrounded by family & loved ones. The atmosphere was so chilled and relaxed. The night ended with friends gathering around a fire eating wood fire pizzas.

KRISTEN & Mathew @ The Grange Golf Club - South Coast Wedding Video

A great couple, I could see all the hard work Kristen put into all the details to make it a gorgeous wedding. So much laughter and a few tears made it a perfect day.


Tiffany & Mark had a small and interment Wedding at Ravensthorpe. I'll be honest, only a handful of weddings brings me to tears and this was one of them. I could see how much love Mark had for Tiffany but also the love and bond from her sister. A beautiful day with two great humans.

Shantelle & Kyle - Panorama House - Wollongong Wedding Video

Shantelle & Kyle met working at the best place for a sausage sizzle, Bunnings. The day was perfect from the styling at the ceremony and reception. Jack Rose singing and playing the guitar set the mode of the day. They were surrounded by loved ones, a small bridal party and Shantelle dad's suit jacket was so stylish. Such a beautiful couple together.

Ashleigh & Angus @ Home - See you on the dance floor - Wollongong Wedding Video

Ashleigh & Angus's wedding was amazing. A beautiful wedding set up in their backyard with the help of their close friends and family. It was such a warm and relaxing atmosphere where everyone just had a good time.

Samantha & Joseph @ coolangatta Estate - have a good time - south coast WEDDING VIDEO

Samantha and Joseph's wedding was surrounded by close friends and family. They didn't have a bridal party, just each other with their son Jax. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception felt like a big family get together. At the end of the night Joseph asked me heaps of questions. Then suddenly I realised we actually went to high school together and were in the same year. 

kristen & Peter @ silos estate - MADE US GROW - Southern Highlands WEDDING VIDEO

Kristen & Peter are down to earth people. Their bridal party where the nicest bunch of guys I have ever met. Even though it rained much of the day, we didn't let this stop the celebrations with friends and family. Kristen & Peter's kids were such great sports when doing a role play at the reception. The reception venue was out of this world. The decor was so elegant and to top it off the couple did a wonderful bridal waltz.

Rachel & MAtt @ camden valley INN - My best friend - Camden WEdding Video

Rachel & Matt's wedding was so lovely. Poppy from Allure Photography took us to some pretty cool places. We just made it for a sunset shoot and was given access to an old mansion. The reception had many home made pieces that made the feel of the night so welcoming. Rachel & Matt also played the shoe game and that was so funny. Everybody had a great time and dance the night away.

Carmen & Andrew @ Novotel Wollongong Northbeach - Wouldn't be the same - Wollongong WEDDING VIDEO

Carmen & Andrew are down to earth people, they enjoy each others company and have a great bunch of friends and family around them. With an elegant ceremony on the Deck at the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach, followed by a non stop party atmosphere at the reception. What more could you ask for. Speeches were very touching and the bridal party entrance is one of the best.

Kim & Tim @ sheraton Nha Trang, vietnam - thank you family - destination WEDDING VIDEO

Kim & Tim are both from Sydney, Australia and invited their closest friends and family to their wedding in Nha Trang Vietnam. Kim and Tim met at work 8 years ago, and both love feeding their friends and having celebratory drinks with their love ones. What I remember from Vietnam was besides the beautiful scenery, there were a lot of motorbikes and you had to be real careful crossing the road. On the first day a traditional tea ceremony was held with the exchanging of gifts and serving of tea to the parents. It was so cool that Tim dressed up in the traditional Vietnamese attire. The next day the ceremony was held on the beach and the weather was perfect. The drive to the location shoot gave me a better understanding of our surroundings. The reception was well organised and had non stop singing and dancing by all. Everybody had a blast. To end the night with karaoke and so much confetti was the best thing ever.

sarah & LIAM @ Ravensthorpe, So Lucky - wollongong WEDDING VIDEO

Sarah & Liam are such a fun couple, they just kicked back and enjoyed their wedding day. Liam arrived in style with two helicopters landing as their guest watched on. Both Sarah grandfathers walked her down the aisle and handed her over to her father, which was so special. Great speeches by all, the funniest MC I've ever heard and non stop dancing all night.

elisha & Paul @ sylvan Glen, adventures - southern Highlands WEDDING VIDEO

Elisha & Paul love the exact same things in life, the same music, riding bikes and going for adventures in their 4WD. I got to know them both better when we did a little prewedding, which fit in well with their wedding film. They both had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, and an epic reception at Sylvan Glen. Did I mention that they both have fantastic hair. Their bridal party were super cool and I actually learnt a great lesson from these two, is to follow your heart no matter what.

Anna & Chris @ villa D'oro, forever - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Anna & Chris's wedding day was so much fun. Perfect sunny weather with an elegant church ceremony. The flower girls entrance into the reception venue was with style. During the speeches, it was mentioned that Anna cooked for Chris one day and that's was when he knew she was the one. The celebrations continued at Villa D'oro. Non stop dancing by all, especially the Italians and everybody had a great time.

Ellen & Aidan @ novotel wollongong northbeach, ellen always wins - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Ellen & Aidan's wedding day was gorgeous. They had an outdoor ceremony with perfect sunny weather. Aidan had some cool vintage cars take him and the boys for a spin. Even their beloved pet dogs were part of their ceremony. We loved their taste in music, old skool, hip hop r&b. The speeches were heartfelt and honest, especially when Aidan wanted to say thank you to his mum. Ellen and Aidan party and danced all night long with their family and friends.


Bianca & Jarryd are so caring and giving people. They are highly regarded by their friends and family, especially by the older generation. It was a perfect ceremony, so much pride from Bianca's mother and father. Followed by heartfelt speeches by all. When one of the speakers, Noel asked everybody to look at the candles flickering and the sparkling on the water and this was Bianca, such a beautiful speech.

bianca & LUKE @ gigi's Restaurant & Bar, I Knew - HAPPY - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Bianca & Luke's wedding was like a fairy tale. So much detail went into the look and feel of the ceremony and reception. The cars were awesome and so colourful. Cracker speeches that made everybody laugh followed by heartfelt speeches. The location shoot at humbler was the best, a great place to chill and for photos was so cool.

stella & TREVOR @ VILLA D'oro, I'm happy because you're happy - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Stella & Trevor's wedding was so much fun. Stella is she a loving person and the funniest bride I have ever met. I could see how excited she was to get married to the man of her dreams. With an awesome location shoot followed by a beautiful reception at Villa D'oro. The guys partied into the night with non stop dancing to celebrate a wonderful day. 

kristy & BEN @ ravensthorpe, my husband & I - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Kristy & Ben had their wedding at the beautiful Ravensthorpe. An elegant ceremony, some cool moves during the bridal party entrance and followed by an epic bridal waltz.

elisabeth & Nathan @ Jaspers, Berry, life is like a Box of chocolate

Elisabeth & Nathan have know each other since high school. Their wedding was magical, the backdrop at Jaspers, Berry was amazing. The ceremony was beautiful and incorporated the sharing of chocolate. The celebrations continued into the night with a sparkler exit.

Nicole & Philip @ Levelone harbourfront, she put her hand in mine - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Nicole & Philip are a bunch of lovely people. Supportive family and friends made the day perfect. The morning preparations was awesome. We had so much fun at the photo shoot too. Some of the best speeches I've heard in a long time. Followed by an elegant husband and wife first dance.

Kyah & AAron @ Kangaroo valley Bush retreat, you'll never walk alone

Kyah & Aaron passion for soccer is how they first met. Filming their prewedding I knew that these two truly love each other and would do anything for one another. It was a beautiful hot day with a perfect ceremony. Heading to the reception the weather cooled right down and you could see how quiet yet beautiful this place was. A lot of hard work by both their dad's and friends made sure everything looked amazing. Kyah and Aaron lovely gesture of releasing balloons was so special. Their wedding vows were so heartfelt. At the end of the night, the bridal party did this awesome dance routine and the sparkler exit was so much fun.

rochelle & Jamie @ PAnorama HOUSE, adventures - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Rochelle & Jamie first met when Rochelle was working overseas in London. Eventually, Jamie followed Rochelle to Australia. It's true that love has no distances. When the celebrant talked about Rochelle's late father a few seconds later a gust of wind came out of nowhere and it suddenly stopped. I do believe it was a sign that he was watching over his daughter's special day. The wedding theme even had a London taxi, the reception had a live duo which entertained the guest. Speeches were heartfelt and funny. Friends and family traveled from all over the world to be part of their wedding day.

Rachel & Micheal @ The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, I'll be here for you - Wollongong Wedding VIDEO

Rachel & Micheal's wedding day was like pages out of a fairytale book. It all began with the traditional dancing at Michael's parents house, followed by the shaving of the groom. When we arrived at the brides, her dress was amazing with the longest veil ever. We had so much fun just listening to old skool 90's R&B and dancing down at the harbour. The reception styling was amazing, the floral set up on the bridal party table was unforgettable. Non stop dancing all night with heartfelt speeches. A wonderful moment of the night was when Rachel danced with her grandfather.

ashlea & Jay @ sheraton fiji Resort, Home - DEstination Wedding

I first met Jay & Ashlea at her sister's wedding, she was the matron of honour. It was such a privilege to film a siblings wedding. When I found out it was in Fiji I was pumped as this would be my first destination wedding and trip to Fiji. Trent the photographer and I flew in a couple days before and he took us to amazing places for the preweddding and wedding day. Ashlea, Jay and their daughter Georgia are such a loving family. We did some interviews beforehand which help me to better understand their story. Jay is regularly away from his family while working, so when he gets to come home, it's the best feeling in the world. Surrounded by love ones, and acknowledging those who couldn't make it was sweet. A big thank you to Ashlea and Jay for giving me the opportunity to do what I love. Also a special mention to the Robinson family, the parents, sisters and Paul (helping relocate my tripod) for making this day so welcoming, BULA!!!

Elissa & Adem @ ravensthorpe, brighter side - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Elissa & Adem wedding was beautiful. I actually used to work with Elissa and when I was able to film her wedding, it was such a great privilege. Their grandmothers were good friends and surrounded by a supportive family. The entire day was perfect, held at Ravensthorpe with, a great bunch of friends in their bridal party. A lovely tribute to loved ones and ones that have passed on. An amazing couple.


Emily and Michael's wedding was more like an epic Party. They are such a fun couple to be around. Non stop laughs throughout the day. The perfect ceremony backdrop followed by an amazing reception set up. The bridal party entrance made everyone join in the celebrations. During Michael's speech, he sang a song to Emily and it shared their lovely story.

Yasmin & Kyle @ Sage Hotel Wollongong, teamwork - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

I initially met Yasmin as she was a bridesmaid at Melissa's wedding. I was so honored when she asked me to film her wedding. The photo shoot was amazing. Perfect weather for a perfect day. The speeches were so heartfelt and there wasn't a dry eye in sight. Yasmin's sister speech was classic and Kyle paid tribute and recognition to his pop. The bridal waltz was so upbeat and I could see how much they loved each other.

Renee & Josip @ VIlla D'oro, together forever - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Renee & Josip's wedding day was so much fun. They meet exactly six years ago and even with a long distance relationship made it work. An elegant wedding with a surprise cultural dance started the night off. A close bridal party by their side supporting them all the way. Beautiful speeches and amazing bridal waltz.

Candice & AAron @ Gabbys at The Pavilion Kiama, Everything to me - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Candice & Aaron got married at the beautiful chapel at Jamberoo. The day was perfect, clear skies, epic location shoot with funny moments. At the reception there were live singers who got the party started. So many heartfelt and humble speeches with dedication to love ones that have moved on. Candice and Aaron are a meant to be, their personality made the day so much fun.


Matt proposed to Jenny at the lighthouse in Wollongong and we stopped by there for a quick photo before the rain started to pour. There reception was literally next door at City Beach Function Centre. A great bunch of guys who celebrated with one of the best entrances with so much dancing. Heartfelt speeches by all and an epic confetti cannon during the cake cutting. The newlyweds left in style in a red hot rod as the night concluded.


Jean & Steven have know each other since secondary school. They have the cutest child together who was part of the ceremony. Jean arrived in an awesome Hot Rod High School bus, with a picture perfect backdrop and both were so happy to see one another for the first time walking down the aisle. The photo shoot that was lead by Anna Blackman Images and we saw these epic waves crashing along the shoreline. The reception was so much fun, pretty much everybody was dancing and having the times of their lives. It rare that I film couple leaving and this was a perfect send off as husband and wife.

Poppy & Wayne @ ravensthorpe, wow! - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Poppy & Wayne's wedding was full of laughter, love and heart. I initially meet Poppy early in the years when my business was just starting out and we have worked on a few weddings together. To be asked to film her wedding was such a big privilege. Wayne is such a nice guy, with his son and great mates by his side. The wedding was held at the beautiful Ravensthorpe and the backdrop was amazing. Her maid of honor even traveled from the United States to be by Poppy's side. The speeches were funny and emotional. To have the father daughter dance and waltz in the courtyard was wonderful.

Kimberly & sione @ Bella Portifino Wollongong, 26 Kids - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Sione and Kimberly's wedding was amazing. It started with beautiful singing at the church from the Tongan Church Community. An awesome backdrop for the location shoot. The funniest bridal party entrance I have ever seen. Traditional dancing and live songs on the night. A song dedication to Sione from his siblings and family was heartfelt.


Naomi and Adam had a very intimate wedding with approximately 30 guest. A perfect styled ceremony accompanied by the lovely Merinda Civil Celebrant. These two are a perfect match, the way Adam gently kisses Naomi's hand is so lovely. A beautiful backdrop at Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa, what more could we have ask. We also had some fun doing some night shots next to the reception.

Tamara & Andrew @ Villa Do'ro, I had something in my eye - Wollongong Wedding Video

Andrew and Tamara met via a car accident 8 years ago. Two couples who's family back stories are very similar. Tamara's family traveled a long distance to be part of their day. When Andrew saw his bride for the first time, his emotions took over or he would say, "I had something in my eye." Some hilarious and emotional speeches followed by a gorgeous father and daughter dance. The party continued on with the help of Villa Do'ro.

ANNIE & PHIL @ GErroa Boat Fisherman's club, smilE - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Annie & Phil's wedding was so much fun. Especially with the help of the funniest bridal party ever. Oh yeah, the best man had one job and that was not to forget the rings. Lucky it wasn't to far away. With a beautiful ceremony followed by awesome photo location at Gerroa Beach, which felt like our own private piece of paradise. So much laughter on the day. A very gorgeous decorated reception venue and a perfect sunset, what more could we have asked for.


Amanda and Jamie's wedding had the whole family involved. Their three beautiful kids joined the celebrations. An emotional walk down the aisle. The reception was decorated with so much detail. Lovely speeches by all and plus the boys did the Haka for the couple as a surprise.

anika & Nicolas @ panorama House, Family - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Anika and Nicolas's wedding is a true love story. They both grew up on the other side of the world where they met in Australia. They were surrounded by close friends and family who traveled from afar. A perfect day overlooking Wollongong and with outdoor reception. So many lovely speeches and the best surprise when the brides brother organised video messages from overseas.

Chenoa & Ryan @ The Sebel Harbourside Kiama, Let's Party - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Chenoa and Ryan's wedding was so much fun, with a beautiful ceremony held in the gardens at The Sebel Harbourside Kiama. Both their adorable kids were part of the special day. We had some fun on the photo shoot. The reception was beautifully decorated. Heartfelt speeches by all and I could see how much Chenoa and Ryan love each other.

jacinta & Matt @ ravensthorpe, Thank you - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEo

Jacinta, Matt and their cute son celebrated their wedding with a beautiful venue at Ravensthorpe. Matt's reaction to Jacinta walking down the aisle was sincere. With an energetic bridal party made the whole day so much fun. Even how Jacinta organise the bridal table with her close friends by her side. Check out the finger print tree at the beginning and end of the video.

Rose & TIM @ the sebel harbourside Kiama, Lamb cutlets - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Rose and Tim are very funny people who enjoy laughing with each other. They had an intimate ceremony at The Sebel Harbourside Kiama with stunning views. A very close bridal party consisted of Rose's sister and Tim's best mate. The speeches were epic, so natural and hilarious, especially when Tim's best man spoke about, "Lamb Cutlets" They dance the night away to footloose with friends and family. What a great bunch of people.

BELinda & Jason @ Ruby's, What If - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Belinda and Jason meet while working at Target. He would make her laugh every time they were working together. Belinda is a very talented foody, she has pretty much all the cook books and cooks Jason restaurant quality meals for him to pack to work. In which Jason takes pride in showing his colleagues. During their beautiful ceremony at Ruby's Mt Kembla, they incorporated some Filipino tradition. Their friends and family celebrated their day with a relaxed atmosphere followed by non stop dancing. Lovely heartfelt speeches by all. Thanks for being a great couple.


Joanne and Paul's wedding was unforgettable, I mean we had four seasons of weather in one day. From heatwaves, pouring rain to perfect sunshine. In Paul's dad speech he mentioned he worked with Joanne's father many years ago and knew him very well. The page boy had the most handsome smile ever. Awesome shots at Three Chimneys. Their friends and family celebrated at Seacliff Restaurant with everybody getting involved especially with the plate smashing.


Matt ensured that the ceremony was perfect, he even took the time to sweep. The boys had a great time relaxing by playing a game of cricket and jumping in the pool. So much detail went into their wedding, it was amazing. Jaimie's sisters were by her side all the way. Beautiful words from their dear friends and a genuine reaction when Matt saw his bride walking down the aisle. Their bridal party entrance was cool for an wrestling fans out there. The night ended with a farewell arch of sparklers that looked epic.

Monique & JOEL @ ravensthorpe, MRS roberts - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

So much love could be felt with Monique and Joel. I got to know them well during our prewedding filming. I also realized that I was in the same year at school with Monique's older sister, 16 years ago. When I arrived at the grooms place, the boys where kicking back playing playstation. I knew what the bride was doing because she was updating her facebook status. Beautiful cards where exchanged with an elegant ceremony at Ravensthorpe, followed by lovely speeches. I took Monique and Joel out for some night shoots and they turned out awesome. This is also the first wedding story that has included some parts of the prewedding, which shared more of their love story.


Lucy & Bek are a perfect match, always smiling and laughing when they are with each other. A beautiful ceremony held at Brighton Beach Wollongong Harbour. An awesome bridal party who just had fun. Perfect weather made it ideal for some cool location shots. A last minute speech from Lucy's brother was very touching. Bek and her bridal party surprised Lucy with an awesome dance routine at the reception. Followed by a gorgeous bridal waltz on the deck with sparklers.

NICOLE & James @ Villa D'oro, Like a beard - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Nicole & James have very similar interest such as fans of Star Wars. Which they incorporated into their reception. It's really good to see the lovely couple being themselves and enjoying each others company. James grew an epic beard that look pretty cool. A elegant ceremony was held at Wollongong Art Gallery, followed by the reception at Villa D'oro. With perfect weather and some funky backdrops for the photo shoot, what more could you ask for. Congratulations!!!

Melissa & Peter @ City Beach Function Centre, Laughter - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Melissa & Peter's wedding was so warm and full of heart. Surrounded by an awesome bridal party and family. Melissa's family home was so gorgeous, I didn't want to leave. Every time Melissa couldn't stop smiling on the day. Two great people who compliment each other well. So many heartfelt speeches, even a song from Peter's brother and beautiful words from Peter to his beautiful bride.

Jason & Eloise @ City Beach Function Centre, Eyes - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Jason & Eloise wedding was filled with joy and laughter. On Jason's way to the church, the limo broke down, in turn made it very difficult to get Eloise to the church. Who came to the rescue, her dad. I could see how much they loved each other by how they looked at one another eyes. Their entrance was celebrated with confetti cannons, so much dry ice for the bridal waltz. We had so much fun with the newlyweds as we took them down the beach to do some awesome night shots, pretty much just us on the beach. A great night with their close family and friends.

Jamie & Amy @ Chifley Wollongong, I'll Always Be Yours - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Jamie and Amy's wedding was so beautiful, filled with amazing singing, epic dancing and LOVE. They shared with us their exchange of cards, lovely words to one another, full of happiness. What I adored the most was the little notes they left for each other around the house. Touching speeches from their family and friends. In Jamie's speech to her gorgeous bride Amy, she mentioned important dates with the number 12. I remember when I first had a catch up with them both, Jamie noticed on the back of my shirt a large number 12, which turns out to be her favourite number. This was pretty cool to me. Thanks for letting us be part of your wedding.

Katherine & Darren @ Dolton House Sylvania Waters, Blessed - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Katherine and Darren’s wedding was epic from start to finish. I love it when we film the couple getting ready in the morning, how warm and lovely their family members are to us. Tears of joy rolled down Katherine’s face during the morning preparations; I guess she was thinking about Darren. It was funny seeing the boys mucking around and taking selfies in the morning. Two cultures combined into one, filled with nonstop dancing all day and night. Such a beautiful backdrop for the photo shoot and those cars were amazing. The reception was out of this world, top class and elegant. The DJ was awesome, he sure knew how to get people up and be part of the celebrations. We are privileged to be able to listen to funny and heartfelt speeches, especially when Katherine’s dad acknowledges his wife’s effort with the wedding plans. On a personal note, what Katherine does for work is very close to my heart and I just wanted to say thank you.

Rachael & Blake @ Southern Highland Wines, Values - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Rachael & Blake's wedding was unreal, a perfect backdrop for photos. We hiked up a massive hill to get the shots. A beautiful vintage reception. What more could you ask for. Did I mention the 1989 Batmobile that made an appearance. We actually meet the lovely couple on the day and learnt from the heartfelt speeches how they meet up again a thousands kms across the country. Such a real love story. Keep an eye out for Blake's hat that he put on half way through the bridal walts.

Bryden & Paul @ Kangaroo Valley Golf and Country Resort, Soul Mates - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Bryden and Paul's wedding rained all way through the outdoor ceremony. But this didn't stop them, it actually was pretty awesome filming in the rain. Paul literally recently came back from sea, as his in the Navy to marry his beautiful bride Bryden. It must be so hard to be away from your love ones, we could definitely understand why they are soul mates. It was so good to see a bridal party that did everything they could to make sure their day was perfect. Speeches were from the heart, especially from Paul to his dad, "My Hero" and a song. We were lucky to work with an amazing photographer, Thomas Stewart. Thanks for driving us around. All I can say is, wow!!!

Rachel & Luke City Beach Function Centre, Love - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Rachel and Luke's entire day was amazing. A perfect backdrop for their ceremony. They all got ready in town, as Luke loves his golf we incorporated this into the film. The photo shoot was a classic, I especially enjoyed when boys where trying to get splashed by a wave, third time lucky. A special moment when Rachel and Luke made their two gorgeous daughters apart of their ceremony. The speeches were so warm and heartfelt especially by Rachel's sister. The night shots were so much fun, best wishes to your family guys.

Ashleigh and Steve met exactly 5 years ago and married on Australia Day. Steve's fathers reading at the Ceremony was the best, anyone that quotes from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure is in my good books. It was such a great day, perfect setting and backdrop on the beach. For the location shoot we went to a local pub where they first met. This helped me tell their story from where Steve mad the first move, drinking their favourite beers, nothing beats eating a sausage sizzle on Australia Day, even capturing the life guards beach buggy in motion, ticking off their checklist of to do's. A great couple and such a beautiful backyard we live in. A beautiful Reception Venue at Bella Portofino Shellharbour, where I could film the bench seat and sunset scenes.

Cassie & Aaron @ Ravensthorpe, wouldn't of had it any other way - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Cassie and Aaron's day was full of non stop excitement, a crazy bridal party that just had a lot of fun. The benefit of having the whole event at Ravensthorpe was it gave us time to film things that were happening around them such as the flower lady setting up the table arrangement, people playing tennis which helped tell the story of the day. The groom, groomsmen arrived by helicopter and was pretty much in the moment. An awesome card reading by one of the bridesmaids and ample time so we did some cool night shots of the couple just being themselves.

Elettra & Liam @ Ravensthorpe, I Can't Wait To See Him - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Elettra and Liam's Wedding was the best. A great bridal party to film being themselves and having a laugh with one another. A big thank you to the three lovely bride maids who dance for a little scene. Seeing how Liam would laugh with Elettra over the small things was nice. It was such a privilege to listen to the reading of the cards that they wrote to each other. They both celebrated at Ravensthorpe and it was super cool, to get the moon in the film. I remember every time they would kiss, Elettra would gently place her hand over Liam's face, a small sign of how much she cares for Liam. Elettra was such an energetic bride making an effort to speak to all her guest and a first, swinging on the Ravensthorpe gates. Who could forget Nonna's famous biscuits that she cooked, such a delight to taste.

Mel & Ryan @ Ruby's, For the First Time I was Happy - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Mel and Ryan's Wedding was unforgettable. The boys were so chilled it was easy to film them being themselves. During the filming of Mel getting ready, it was such a privilege to see her dad, Bernard first reaction to seeing her lovely daughter in her wedding dress. Also just capturing her gorgeous daughter Lilah playing with her toys beforehand was cool. They both celebrated their reception at the iconic Ruby's. Mel has an eye for detail and we loved capturing as much as we could. Heartfelt and classic speeches by all.

Ash & Ryan @ Ravensthorpe, My Love of My Life - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Ash & Ryan are a great couple to work with, so relaxed, themselves and enjoyed every moment of their Wedding. They got ready, got married and partied all night long at the beautiful Ravensthorpe. It was a Perfect day. A beautiful setting to say, "I DO" and so convenient to take photos on location from Afternoon to Night. The sunset was amazing, thanks for letting us know, Anna and Zea from Anna Blackman Images. Speeches were entertaining and heartfelt. The bridal walts was awesome!!! Thanks for letting us be part of your day. Phamily Productions.

Kristy & Milan @ City Beach, Can Not Live Without - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

What a perfect day. Kristy the elegant bride and Milan in his white suit. Kristy's Mother in law, Mary, have this unique bond that is stronger then friendship. Mary is such a loving and caring lady who made sure everything was perfect for Kristy and Milan's wedding. Milan drove his purple VL into the ceremony and then followed his Father, Tony and his motorcycle entourage, making a path for the beautiful bride to the Ceremony. I always get surprised how the day will unfold. It felt like a fairy tail. So many real moments of the day, I guess one of my favorites was when I found out that Kristy had gifts and cards for her bridesmaids. So I grab the closest bride maid next to me and asked her if she could read out her card. I didn't realize at the time but it was Kristy sister Kerry-Anne who loves her sister so dearly. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Oberdan for having us to be part of this epic day and allowing us to film the true emotions of the day.

Ainsley & Epeli @ Villa D'ora, Eachother - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

I first met Ainsley, Epeli and Ainsley's mother Robyn at our initial consultation. I actually like it when the family comes along as it helps me to have a better understand how they all interact with one another. Ainsley is such a beautiful bride, this is the first time I have captured the father and daughter dance in this film. Epeli is very funny and his family travel from afar just to be with them. On the photo shoot and the bridal walts, I could see how the newly weds kept looking in each other eyes, no need to say anything at all to tell how much in love they are in. Thanks for letting us capture your day, it was so awesome.

Bonnie & Adrian @ City Beach, Meant to Be - WOLLONGONG WEDDING VIDEO

Bonnie & Adrian and their three lovely daughters celebrated their day with family and friends at City Beach Wollongong. The whole day Adrian couldn't stop cracking me up. Bonnie catered for the needs of children at the Reception by having a clown and jumping castle. It made such great entertainment for the kids while the adults could enjoy the rest of the entertainment such as the Brazilian dancers. So many emotions came out that day, tears, joy and happiness. I love what Adrian said in his speech about him and Bonnie," We were meant to be" 

Missy & Anthony @ Villa D'oro, A gift of LOVE - Cinematic Trailer

A cinematic trailer, a gift of LOVE, a short film of Missy & Anthony exchange of emotions to one another via heartfelt words. Thank you for the music, "Believe" by State Shirt (