Wedding Video Packages

Our basic package comprises six hours of coverage that we then edit down into a short film – the highlights. This package starts at $1,600 and is ideal for people who want a video of their big day that is top quality but not over-long for their needs. It is proving to be particularly popular with people who decide to use a wedding cinematographer/videographer at the last minute (which in real terms is most often a few month or so before the day!). 

Opting for the basic package doesn’t mean that you’ll be missing out on quality, as we still film in FULL HD format and the editing is as top-notch as can be. Even though the film might be shorter than the other packages, we still take as much care as we do with the others, we’re just working with less material.

Please see below an examples of my base package:



Then, we have an eight-hour package that features the highlights and extended documentary style coverage of your wedding ceremony and/or reception formalities.

This package is great because wedding receptions sometimes run on until it’s dark, which presents us with challenges and opportunities. Don’t worry, we’re easily up to the job and all the action we capture will be properly-lit and clearly visible. Sometimes couples choose set-pieces, like releasing lanterns that look stunning on film. We can advise you on how to make them look the best they can.

All our videos are filmed in FULL HD and we present the finished film to you on a USB stick in an elegant display box.
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