About Phamily Productions, based in Wollongong.

My name is Calvin Pham, I am the founder of Phamily Productions.

I am based, 30 minutes south of Wollongong and will travel anywhere to film a wedding.

In 2008 when I got married, a family friend filmed our wedding and I edited my own wedding video. I really liked the editing side, this is when I started to take up the hobby on a professional level on the weekends. While during the week I worked in the corporate world of Human Resources.

In 2012 I registered Phamily Productions and decided to do this full time. This was a tough decision but with the support of my wife and feedback from existing clients, I gave it a crack.

I believe video is important to compliment your photos, as to see movement in film compared to looking at a still photo is unreal.

I usually let the photographer lead on the day while I get my shots from the background. I like getting candid shots of when couples are themselves, not noticing that I'm there. This is important to me as when you watch your wedding video my aim is to keep it real and I want you to relate to it on a personal level.

Besides capturing the formalities, I personal enjoy filming the little things that are happening around you which helps with the build up of the story of your day.

I always encourage my potential couples to shop around before they see me. As I prefer to film weddings of couples who are on the same page as me and enjoy my style.

With me, I am very clear in what you will expect and see in your final product, verbally and in writing as I believe you should always be upfront with people in whatever you do. I encourage all my clients to keep in contact with me prior to your wedding, on your day, and afterwards.

To see details of the packages I offer, please see my Packages page.